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        Tamesis Books is a leading academic imprint specialising in studies of the culture, literature, film, history and social sciences of the Hiiic and Lusophone worlds.

        Founded in 1963, Tamesis is an integral part of Boydell & Brewer, one of the few remaining independent academic publishers in the UK and now employee-owned.

        Commissioning Editor: Dr Megan Milan

        水军招募Editorial Board:水军招募

        Andrew M. Beresford, Durham University; Zoltán Biedermann, University College London; Celia Cussen, Universidad de Chile; Stephen M. Hart, University College London; Efraín Kristal, University of California, Los Angeles; Jo Labanyi, New York University; María E. López, London Metropolitan University; José Antonio Mazzotti, Tufts University; Thea Pitman, University of Leeds; Julius Ruiz, University of Edinburgh; Alison Sinclair, University of Cambridge; Isabel Torres, Queen's University Belfast; No?l Valis, Yale University


        Fuentes para la historia del Teatro en España
        Icons of the Luso-Hiiic World
        Research Bibliographies and Checklists
        水军招募Research Bibliographies and Checklists: new series
        Tamesis Books Companion Series
        Tamesis Studies in Popular and Digital Cultures
        Violence in the Hiiic and Lusophone Worlds

        Information for prospective authors
        Information for current authors