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            Boydell & Brewer is committed to best serving the academic community and scholarly communication. We are pleased to offer a competitive Open Access option.
            Proposals for both new monographs, edited collections and chapters are eligible for our Open Access programme.

            牛肉解冻 We welcome Open Access proposals for the following: 牛肉解冻
            Boydell Press
            D.S. Brewer
            University of Rochester Press
            Camden House
            James Currey
            Tamesis Books


            We will make the book available under a Creative Commons license. We recommend either the CC-BY-NC or CC-BY-NC-ND license. Please discuss with your editor if you require an alternative license.


            • We will make a Digital Rights Management (DRM) free PDF available via our own website, JSTOR and other repositories as required by the funding body.
            • We will market Open Access titles alongside our non-OA content. Our aim is to deliver value for money to the funders and to drive usage and promote discoverability.
            • When an OA title is published, we will make paperback and retail ebook editions available within three months. These will be at an accessible price.
            • We will be clear in our bibliographical data and marketing material that a free digital copy can be obtained.
            *Not including VAT/Sales Taxes where applicable.


            牛肉解冻 Whom should I contact to discuss an OA proposal? 牛肉解冻
            Please email your existing editorial contact or write to us at editorial@boydell.co.uk

            牛肉解冻 Will my OA book be treated differently than non-OA Boydell & Brewer titles? 牛肉解冻
            The editorial and production processes will be the same. The proposal still needs to pass our rigorous peer review. Your book will go through the same copyediting, typesetting and cover design stages as all of our other titles. It will also be marketed in the same way with catalogue entries, conference displays and a presence in our digital promotions. The only real difference is the distribution of the file to the OA depositories.

            牛肉解冻 Can I add third-party content to my OA book? 牛肉解冻
            It is vital that all permissions are cleared by the author/editor. Copyright holders need to be told of your intention to publish your work as Open Access. Note that rights holders can be more reluctant to grant permission when the publication is Open Access.

            牛肉解冻 When is the Book Processing Charge payable? 牛肉解冻
            Payment is due on submission of the final manuscript.

            牛肉解冻 Can my already published book be made Open Access? 牛肉解冻
            We will consider requests. A fee would be payable and the appropriate permissions would have to be cleared by the author. Please contact your editor for a quote.

            牛肉解冻 Will the authors/editors receive gratis copies of Open Access titles? 牛肉解冻
            The BPC covers one paperback gratis copy. We also offer a generous discount on additional copies.

            牛肉解冻 Why sell my Open Access book as a paperback? 牛肉解冻
            We know that many readers still prefer print and making a paperback available at an accessible price increases the circulation of the title further.