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        James Currey, an imprint of Boydell & Brewer since 2008, has long been recognized as the leading publisher of academic books on Africa.

        Founded in 1984, when James Currey left Heinemann Educational Books, this independent imprint continued his personal engagement in African publishing, which began with his first job at Oxford University Press, Cape Town, and continued through his role as publisher of the Heinemann African Writers series (an account of those exciting years can be found in his book, Africa Writes Back, available in the UK from Boydell & Brewer).

        We specialize in publishing research carried out across the African continent, particularly in the fields of Anthropology, Archaeology, History, Politics, Economics, Development Studies, Gender Studies, Literature, Theatre, Film Studies, and the Humanities and Social Sciences generally. We are well known for our longstanding series on Eastern Africa, Western Africa and African Issues, our annual volumes of African Literature Today and African Theatre, as well as numerous single authored books and edited collections which are published as standalone volumes. We have recently established the new series African Articulations and Religion in Transforming Africa.

        We are dedicated to distributing books about Africa in Africa and have long been noted for co-publication with African co-publishers to make the books more affordable. This policy continues with Boydell & Brewer, wherever possible working with African publishers, or selling cheaper editions through our Africa reps. New titles in the James Currey imprint now also benefit from the Boydell & Brewer global marketing network, covering the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.