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        Camden House is a world-leading publisher of academic books on German literature and culture, film and history. It also encompasses a focus on American literary criticism and cultural history.

        An imprint of Boydell & Brewer since 1998, Camden House was founded in 1979 by James N. Hardin and Gunther J. Holst, Professors of German at the University of South Carolina. The first book in our broad-ranging flagship series Studies in German Literature, Linguistics, and Culture appeared in 1982. Since then we have established specializations in scholarly books of literary and cultural criticism and history, both monographs and well-focused collected volumes. We emphasize quality and currency of scholarship as well as a clear and direct writing style. All manuscripts are rigorously peer-reviewed and are subject to an exacting editorial and copy-editorial process.

        We have an extensive range of Companion volumes, primarily but not only in German literature, and our ten-volume Camden House History of German Literature is the most extensive history of German literature ever published in English. Our flagship series in American Literature is Literary Criticism in Perspective: American Literature.

        We are also proud to be home to several recurring publications: the Goethe Yearbook (since its founding in 1982), the Edinburgh German YearbookNexus: Essays in German-Jewish StudiesRenaissance Papers and most recently the Brecht Yearbook.


        Click here for more information if you are a Current Camden House Author or a Prospective Camden House Author