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        Boydell & Brewer was formed in 1978, with the merging of two companies, The Boydell Press (founded by Richard Barber in 1969), and D.S. Brewer (founded by Professor Derek Brewer in 1972). Since then, our flagship list in medieval studies (covering all the humanities) has grown and flourished, and we are regarded as the ‘publisher of choice’ in this field; but we have developed notable lists in other areas, especially music, early modern and modern history. Specialist areas include Arthurian studies; the history of religion; military history; and local history. We have also forged links with learned societies and university centres, such as the Royal Historical Society, the Victoria County History and the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of York. We publish some 150 different titles each year and have offices in the UK and in the US.

        The firm has remained entirely independent, and its owners and staff remain dedicated to its original aims: to publish the best scholarship in our areas of interest, and to disseminate it to the widest possible audience via our sales and marketing operations worldwide. The points below provide a brief overview of what we can offer our authors; and of course, we will always be glad to answer any questions or queries.

        济南早餐Peer Review济南早餐

        All books on our academic list are submitted to experts in the field for a rigorous assessment and examination. Our standards are extremely high and only titles with a very positive recommendation from the reviewer are submitted to the firm’s editorial board for consideration.

        济南早餐Personal Attention济南早餐

        We pride ourselves on the attention we devote to each title and author and on providing clear and supportive communication from the earliest contact onwards. In particular, we recognise the unique pressures of academic life, and work as closely as we can with all our authors to fit in with their schedules.


        Our books are thoughtfully designed and carefully produced, with attention given to paper quality, binding, and the reproduction quality of interior photographs, musical examples, and other artwork. The Boydell & Brewer production staff work with professional designers to create attractive and marketable book covers, and with printers to ensure the books will be durable and long-lasting.


        We have our own teams in both our UK and US divisions. We work via catalogues, direct mail, press releases, and sample mailings, as well as via websites, internet and electronic media, to bring each book to its appropriate audience and specialist interest group. We also exhibit books at appropriate conferences and trade fairs, and send them for review to relevant journals.


        This 济南早餐proposal form济南早餐 provides us with the information necessary to make an initial appraisal of your publication project. If we decide that it is a possibility for the list, we will contact you to request further material for peer review. If the complete manuscript is not available, at least two sample chapters and a detailed breakdown of the rest of the book will be required.

        As a matter of policy, we do not consider proposals under review by other publishers. You can send this by post to 济南早餐Boydell and Brewer Ltd, PO Box 9, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 3DF, UK济南早餐 or via email below.

        济南早餐Proposals for Medieval Studies (History, Music, Art History, Literature, Archaeology), Early Modern Literature and Landscape History should be sent to济南早餐:

        Caroline Palmer
        Editorial Director

        济南早餐Proposals for Early Modern History, Modern History and Post-Medieval Music should be sent to济南早餐:

        Michael Middeke
        Editorial Director, Early Modern History, Modern History and Music

        济南早餐Proposals for Maritime History should be sent to济南早餐:

        Peter Sowden
        Commissioning Editor 

        济南早餐Proposals for Eighteenth-Century Studies should be sent to济南早餐:

        Mari Shullaw
        Commissioning Editor 

        济南早餐Proposals for  Hiiic and Lusophone Studies should be sent to济南早餐:

        Megan Milan
        Commissioning Editor